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Group travel, whether for work or play can be fun, exciting and a real bonding experience. It can create great memories and shared experiences that can be very special. Planning a group trip is a complicated and time consuming process. More important, there are many pitfalls the inexperienced might run into that can be costly, frustrating and put a damper on the whole trip. The larger the group, the more complicated it becomes. If you are planning a meeting or event, the success or failure of it invariable reflects back on you. Why go through all the hassle and aggravation? Why be the object of other people's wrath if things don't go exactly right? Group Travel Coordinator is the Group Travel Expert. We know how to make things happen like clockwork.


The Group Travel Coordinator has extensive experience, industry contacts not available to the general public, and negotiating power that comes with volume in placing many business, professional associations, social and civic groups as well as friends and families at various resorts, cruise ships and meeting destinations. We work hard to make sure your group gets the best deal possible representing high quality, good value and your event goes as smoothly as possible. Our job is to make you look good! Sit back, relax and let us do the the heavy lifting so all you have to do is go and enjoy yourself. Group Travel Coordinator is the place to start when you are considering group travel We are the group travel experts.


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Traveling in groups has some great advantages as you can see in the video below! Smile

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